Saturday, November 1, 2008

The World is Flat, According to iBol

So why flat world? Before I get any posts like, “ uh iBol, you know I believe it to be round. Here’s some links to some photos from space ...” I thought it would be good to start off with some dialogue on the title. This was going to be a repository for my general thoughts and ramblings regarding current events, news and miscellaneous garbage (moments of accidental inspiration?)

I started in the direction of “The World According to iBol” or something to that affect but subsequent to some afterthought it seemed on the egocentric side. I would like to say it came to me in a dream or something more profound but more like in the form of semi drunken rambling thoughts that became something more.

The World was flat at some point in history. It had to be. Take a step back in time into the shoes of the average Joe Hunter/Gatherer being told we are all standing on a giant ball in space. Would make me want to club the wacko and take his tools and fire for myself. Not until you can prove or explain the logic of the roundness of our planet can a reasonable person accept that it is. C’mon admit it. Wouldn’t you want to give Galileo a smack in the back of the head? Or at the very least crack some jokes about him hitting the Laudanum a little too hard before lunch.

My observations of our society now is that we are moving toward insane acceptance for every Copernicus out there regardless of how wacked out their ideas may be. Yeah, I know, every person has a right to an opinion. But if my opinion is that you are full of crap (I have young kids who may read this) you should be told so. Having said that I’m expecting to be told I’m full of crap; hopefully it stays as clean as that.

Back in 2006 here in Calgary a man hired another to murder a local banker (finance guy) as a result of some failed business (WTF kind of business?) deal. Here’s the kicker. Hit man’s defence? Should not be tried for murder, should be manslaughter since he did not expect him to die using such a small calibre gun; he was shot with a 22. Couple that with suing for being burned by coffee that’s too hot and slipping and falling on ice (what did you think could happen on ice?) we’ve legislated ourselves closer and closer to the brink of insanity.

In our quest toward a more enlightened and just society we have lost track of common sense. Not that we don’t have the ability to use common sense; according to the law as it is written we are no longer allowed to use it. We already have a legion of lawyers in North America to defend the rights of wackos. We need to step back from this ideology and say, “No Copernicus you goofball, until you catapult your ass into space and snap me a pic I can’t accept your goofball theory”.

But no, this isn’t a forum for me to be blogging political or (semi?) intellectual ideas. This is more of a fishing expedition for me to post whatever comes to mind and see who’s listening and what’s on their minds. I’ll probably lean toward tech, what’s new and what bugs me about it.

I like comments. Just be clean. My kids may be reading. Or fire an e-mail. If it’s interesting I’ll likely be blogging about you.

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