Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do it yourself Breathalyser Tests

Your drive home ever been interrupted for one of these? This iPod accessory I found on Slippery Brick has a fold out tube you can breathe into to test your blood alcohol content. Sure, it sounds s like a reasonable concept.

There have been numerous breath tests on the market but I don’t really think that someone dead set on driving home after a few beers with the boys is going to let blowing a little bit over on a not very accurate (can you save the test results and show it to a cop if you’re stopped?) test stop him. And the guy so far gone he can barely walk would probably have trouble using the test at all; assuming he remembers to stop and take it.

Doesn’t it make more sense to plan ahead and not drink unless you have a way of getting home? I love beer, but I have no trouble making arrangements prior to getting blasted. Are there really that many of us out there that will go out, have a few drinks, walk to the car, cross our fingers and hope we don’t blow over? I think that most of us can tell after getting up whether or not we should be driving, just by the number of drinks or the numbness in our head from standing. Those that still want to drive home, unfortunately, probably will.

You know what this device will really be used for? Bar bets. Who can blow the highest without not throwing up and such. Wish I had one when I was twenty something. Probably a lot more fun than who can drink the most shooters. My math abilities tend to decline with each drink and most establishments frown upon carving hash marks in their tables.

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