Friday, November 21, 2008

Make money gaming, quitting my day job

I finally found a way to eventually be able to quit my day job and play video games to feed my wife and kids. Gonna be living the dream.

Crunch Gear had a posting recently about Bring It, an online gaming site where you can play games against others for money. The idea was cool. Put up a few bucks for an online frag fest. Last man standing takes the pot. Wish I came up with that one. I'm going to have to keep an eye on this one.

Brings me to my advertising idea. With Xbox Live rolling out new avatars for your Xbox experience there is now an opportunity for different kind of online advertising that is trackable and verifyable. Nobody looks at banner ads anymore. Most of us, I am one of these, spend enough time online that we have conditioned ourselves to not even look at banner ads. Unless of course there is a scantily clad, well endowed woman in the banner. This method of advertising is tried and true and will never stop being a hit depending on your target market.

But how about T-Shirts for your Avatar? Think about it. Coke looks for people who are logged into Live a lot, interact with a lot of different people, win a lot of battles, whatever. Pay these guys to wear a Coke T-Shirt on their Avatar. You can pay people based on verifiable statistics based on criteria you set for them. Need to play these types of games, need to be on this game or that, need to talk about our product, etc. How about a simple T-Shirt with your website or blog's URL?

Now I just gotta get a way to sell it to Microsoft. Any programmers out there want to help me put together an Avatar T-Shirt Store? Fire me an e-mail.

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