Monday, November 24, 2008

Sucky Tech # 05 – USB Barbecue

How many dumb USB gadgets do you own? I have some and coveted even many more. But nothing says WTF like a USB powered barbecue. Not sure I can or need to explain the tech here. Take power from USB to make heat and cook something with it. Sure, it can be done, but what inspires someone to build it and where the frack do they plan to use it?

So you were thinking before that you didn’t like the smell of another co-worker microwaving popcorn in the kitchen. Now it’s, “Hey Bob, what’s cookin? No you can’t have my last Johnsonville Brat.”

Why not add a USB beer cooler to the ensamble? Or how about a tiny ethanol gel fire-pit for making smores after? Where’s my USB powered Margaritaville mixer?

And from the looks of the photo, you need thirty USB cables to power it. Guess this won’t be available for a Mac. When they roll out the USB 3 spec how many cables would you need? Hopefully then they can get this down to requiring only one USB hub to power it.

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