Sunday, November 2, 2008

What is with this fascination with the Kindle?

Somebody out there give me some kind of reasonable justification for the kindle. Something that answers what would make me want to spend in excess of $300 on a device that lets you read books and not much else.

Why the sudden hate on for the kindle? First of all, Oprah says it’s her fave and suddenly it boosts Kindle sales? Don’t know the gal personally but I don’t see tech advice flowing from her. Then I see Popular Mechanics list the Kindle in its 10 Most Brilliant Gadgets of the Year and the juices started flowing.

Sure, regarding the E Ink display, on the basis of tech coolness by itself is neat-O; but as far as the application of the technology goes it’s pretty much a yawner. Have a look at the black and greyscale screen. Reminds of me of my old Gameboy but with more buttons.

OK so now I can read text on it rather than carrying a book. Fantastic innovation ... five years ago maybe. Shouldn’t we already be able to do on a laptop, smartphone, media player? Can’t we build an app to run on a smartphone for text reading rather than carry around another electronic device?

And it’s a white device to boot. Do I need to go back into why I don’t want a white device of any kind? I’ll keep it short ... Cheetos. The long version can be found in my 2008-11-02 post titled Give Me Back My Frickin Delete Key.

Text on screen is so limiting anyway. Don’t audio books fit in better with most people’s lives? I can listen to a book while driving. Why are we pushing to ban phone use while driving but not Kindle use as well? Some of you out there might snicker at this but there are a lot of morons out there. I’ve passed guys on MacLeod Trail in rush hour with the morning newspaper on the steering wheel in front of them. Can’t legislate away stupidity. Better start promoting options instead.
Ever almost get stepped on by somebody reading a book on a crowed train going to or coming from work because they’re not holding on? Didn’t you want to chuck their fracking book out the window? Didn’t audio books sound even better now? has tons of titles and the list is growing. And they have kids books too. Think of the time savings. Give Billy and Sue a goodnight kiss, put on their headphones and flip on a good book. More time for a little Xbox action for Dad.

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