Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NASA lying about death of Spirit Mars Rover

We’ve been hearing a lot about the impending and eventual death of the Spirit Mars Rover lately. NASA’s official story has been recommended budget cuts in the Mars Rover program to cover the cost of a next-generation rover project some time in the future.

The twin rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) landed on the Red Planet in January 2004 and have been providing us humans with up close and personal information on Mars. Their original mission was to last 90 days, after which, it was questionable as to how long the rovers would survive the planets harshness.

According to NASA, “The pervasive dust in the martian atmosphere, as well as dust settling onto the machinery, impedes the ability of the rovers' solar panels to convert sunlight into enough electricity to supply the their needs. One critical need is to protect each rover's "vital organs" of internal computer, electronics, heaters and batteries from becoming so cold that something might, quite literally, snap.”

We the general public have been led to believe that poor spirit has been left to die on the Red Planet’s surface. Special thanks to John Fischetti for providing the world the truth about the real fate of Spirit. As far as the reasons why NASA is keeping the fate of Spirit and the discovery of sentient life in our galaxy is anyone’s guess.

Filthy Jawas. Opportunity was unavailable for comment at this time. We’re all pulling for you little guy.

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