Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sucky Tech # 2 – Safe Bedside Table

Don’t really count this one as tech but I found it too humorous to not pass on.

This inconspicuous looking bedside table quickly converts into a beating stick and shield. Beating stick I can understand but the shield? Unless your bedroom is likely to be invaded by Barbarians, Vikings or the Mongol Horde do you really need a shield?

And wouldn’t it be easier to keep an aluminum softball bat under the bed? Full sized bats too heavy for you? Why not check out the smaller bats they make for the pee-wee leagues. Unless you’re trained to use a shield in combat I’m not so sure the two foot shield that comes with this set will be of much use. Other than being preposterous enough that while the intruder is thinking “WTF?” and laughing; you get a chance to club him good. Unless of course he just shoots you.

Personal defence close at hand; sounds like a marketable idea but lose the shield. I would have a higher chance of having my brother or one of my kids using this on me than I would bother to put on a shield to defend against someone in my home. Kind of ironic that they say that about guns too kinda.

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