Monday, November 3, 2008

Arcade buttons anywhere on me, no thanks

This article from Gizmodo (Jason Chen) came in on my RSS feed and it kinda hit my tickle spot.

Aparently you can buy old arcade game buttons and pin them on your shirt, jacket, pants, whatever. Kind of a neat idea Jason but after a little thought on the idea had me chuckling and saying, "Nope, not for me".

My family, brother, cousins, friends, etc. are pretty male dominated and for many of us, it's funny when somebody gets hurt; not serious injuries; by definition that wouldn't be funny ... or it wouldn't be serious.

The idea of putting PUNCH or KICK any where on my body is an invitation for abuse. Ever hear the term "Cruisin for a Bruisin"? This is an engraved invitation.

Putting BLOCK on my chest would be just as bad. This invites a good punch followed by the comments, "Good block" or "You should have blocked" while I'm on the ground sucking wind.

So at the end of reading this article I'm less interested in buying some of these for myself. Maybe I just need to buy them and find a way to sneak these buttons onto others so they can be the ones sucking wind. Maybe I just need new friends.

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